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22nd February 2017

Should you take your phone to the United States?

“The next time you plan to cross a border, leave your phone at home.” That is the rather startling advice in a blogpost that is being widely shared right now. Its author, Quincy Larson, is a software engineer, who has previously written about the importance of protecting personal data. He now fears that data could be at risk every time […]
10th February 2017

How much Energy does Lightning generate?

Thunder and lightning can be both a beautiful and frightening spectacle, I was frightened to death as a child – but how much energy does lightning generate? Well, an average bolt of lightning, striking from cloud to ground, comprises of roughly one billion (1,000,000,000) joules of energy – Now that is a lot of power! Additionally, each year, over one and a […]
10th February 2017

R&D and Brexit – How are we looking?

Now that the doom and gloom of Brexit has started to wane and the dust settle, we can start to establish what is the truth behind all the rumours and the potential impact upon innovative companies in the UK. There is still a lack of clarity regarding the current state of the UK economy, although the recent reports seem quite […]