Why is Credere Solutions Different?

Having been set up to help SME’s with their growth acceleration, we are unique in the way that we work. We are a zero cost resource, with the aim of helping businesses in a variety of ways, working in specific areas we have, in effect, done the research for you in finding solutions to potential challenges you might have now or could have in the future, in some cases we help you gain a tax windfall you didn't even know you were due!

It is important to note, we work on a Zero cost consultancy basis

We will never charge you, we work with carefully selected companies and feel confident to recommend their services

We are no Hit and Run Organisation

It is our intention for you to feel that you can rely on us as a trusted Consultant for as long as we can make a difference to your business

Find out if we may be able to benefit you

We offer a variety of solutions to help build your bottom line, why not spend a couple of minutes completing a short fact find to see what it tells you?

Check what we can do for your business

We may be able to help in a variety of ways, we are constantly sourcing new offers and suppliers to pass on the best possible solutions to your business and in some case personal needs such as some of the examples below...

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17th September 2018

Flying the Flag for Export

Listening to @CredereSol and John explaining about little known tax rebates for R & D.Average rebates are £40,000. pic.twitter.com/Rz3zcftH6a — OlwenJ Edwards MSTAT (@EndBackPainTday) September 12, 2018
2nd August 2018

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