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12th April 2019
De-Mystifying R&D Tax Rebates / Credits
27th September 2019
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Are you like me? We can smell a sales call from the moment they start to utter their first words; immediately our guard is up, we stop listening and quickly look for a way to end the call, politely at first and then less so if they persist—sound familiar?

Sadly this is one of the main reasons that businesses fail to understand about R&D, and it takes a little bit of explaining, and as so few people even mention the fact that the company could be eligible, they miss out on what can often amount to tens of thousands of pounds — much-needed working capital for their business.

I would love for YOU to be my eyes and ears. Do you find yourself talking to a Manufacturer, IT developer, Engineer? These are the top claimable sectors, but other areas are equally eligible with a bit of digging.

A couple of questions to ask;

  1.    Are they making process improvements?
  2.    Are they making adaptations?
  3.    Are they trialling and testing
  4.    Do they experience waste?
  5.    Do they need prototypes for clients

These points are not an exhaustive list but could be a hint for you next time you are talking to a client.

The value-add on could be immeasurable.

All the Best in your Business chats!