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21st October 2018

Ever tried Googling R&D?

If you were to Google ‘Research and Development’, you will be introduced to a plethora of scientific research, numerous university research programs and quotes from various scientists and development laboratories. As a result, the overall impression is that all R&D […]
17th September 2018

Flying the Flag for Export

Listening to @CredereSol and John explaining about little known tax rebates for R & D.Average rebates are £40,000. — OlwenJ Edwards MSTAT (@EndBackPainTday) September 12, 2018
2nd August 2018

Making work Fun

27th June 2018

R&D – Just how important is it?

Is survival about setting your business apart from the rest? Businesses in the main now recognise the need to be that little bit different, set themselves apart from the competition and/or add value to their product, process, service or in the […]
19th June 2018

Credere Working with FSB to Support Business Export

Crowds are gathering for the International Trade Group launch @FSBwestyorks — Export Paul (@LimeTreeEurope) June 14, 2018 A gathering of Local business brought together by the Federation of Small Businesses to discuss and Collaborate ideas to put together a […]
1st May 2018

What Is Research & Development Tax Relief?

Many people ask this question, or they make an assumption that R&D only applies to men in white coats, this is absolutely not the case. It is the Government`s way of rewarding businesses that are developing new or improving existing […]