Credere Solutions Blog

24th July 2019

Are you like me? We can smell a sales call from the moment they start to utter their first words; immediately our guard is up, we stop listening and quickly look for a way to end the call, politely at first […]
12th April 2019

Research and Development Tax Help

So Despite Brexit, Companies are still investing in R&D and are set to employ an additional 20 thousand more R&D employees by 2023. This is great news for innovating business and their subcontractors. Not only does this mean job security […]
21st October 2018

Ever tried Googling R&D?

If you were to Google ‘Research and Development’, you will be introduced to a plethora of scientific research, numerous university research programs and quotes from various scientists and development laboratories. As a result, the overall impression is that all R&D […]
17th September 2018

Flying the Flag for Export

Listening to @CredereSol and John explaining about little known tax rebates for R & D.Average rebates are £40,000. — OlwenJ Edwards MSTAT (@EndBackPainTday) September 12, 2018
2nd August 2018

Making work Fun

27th June 2018

R&D – Just how important is it?

Is survival about setting your business apart from the rest? Businesses in the main now recognise the need to be that little bit different, set themselves apart from the competition and/or add value to their product, process, service or in the […]