R&D – Just how important is it?

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19th June 2018
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2nd August 2018
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R&D – Just how important is it?

Is survival about setting your business apart from the rest?

Businesses in the main now recognise the need to be that little bit different, set themselves apart from the competition and/or add value to their product, process, service or in the day to day materials they use in their business.

Many people are so busy working ‘in’ their business that they forget that they also need to work ‘on’ their business, looking at things from a holistic viewpoint. When they do start to look at things more objectively that is when ideas start to flow, some people call it ‘thinking outside of the box’.

Being different, making improvements often take time and money, often things need to be trialled and tested and often they don’t work the first time, second or even third time, how many times did Edison work on the light bulb before he got it right? That is frequently off-putting for people, all that uncertainty…yet that is the time that we need to be the most persistent if we want to evolve change with the business.

Many look outside of their business and bring in subcontractors, they cost more but may get there faster, even when there is uncertainty in what you are doing, will it create a better, faster more productive result? Will it create jobs? Will it enable you to move perhaps into the export market? Significantly what will the effect be on the bottom line?

All of this is often Research and development, yet not recognised by the Business owners and even more significantly not picked up by the Accountants that are there to advise and support…because it is not their specialist area, the right questions need to be asked to gather the information to ascertain that indeed R&D is taking place.

Which businesses do you know that might fall into that category?


They are Everywhere

We can also provide an income stream for warm referrals, so as well as helping them to sustain and grow their business through claiming back overpaid tax, you could be assisting in your own business growth with a cash injection.

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